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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nashville Lawn & Garden Show 2015: Wine Festival

26th Annual Nashville Lawn & Garden Show 2015

Nashville Lawn & Garden Show Announces Wine Festival
Wine Festival occurs on Saturday, March 7 during the 4-day Show 

Nashville, TN – The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show will partner with the Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance to present a one-day-only Wine Festival during its traditional four-day Show at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.  The Show will incorporate locally produced wine from more than a dozen of the state’s most celebrated wineries on Saturday, March 7.  

Wine Festival wrist bands will be available inside the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show.  Each wrist band will allow the purchaser to enjoy wine tastings, a complimentary wine glass, and have the opportunity to purchase wine produced in the Volunteer State.

Wine Festival Details:
WHAT:  Wine Festival at the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show
WHEN:  Saturday, March 7  - 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Tennessee State Fairgrounds, Nashville
COST:  $12 wrist band, in addition to admission to the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show (Tickets to the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show are $10 for adults or $9 for seniors 65 and older.)
TICKETS:  will be at
www.NashvilleLawnandGardenShow.com and also available on site.

Note that the Wine Festival will be located near the rear of the garden building, in an area separated from the gardens.  ID’s will be checked and anyone entering the Wine Festival area must present a valid photo ID, age 21 and older.

The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show runs Thursday, March 5 through Sunday, March 8, at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.  The Show attracts more than 18,000 people annually from around the mid-south region and is one of the largest gardening events in the southeast. All events are indoors. For additional information, call the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show office at 615-876-7680 or visit

For additional information: Deborah Varallo 615-367-5200 ext. 14, or deb@varallopr.com

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Layering a Viburnum, The Results!

It's not a secret that I'm a fan of plant propagation. Who wouldn't be? You get free plants! One of the easiest ways to propagate a plant is through a technique called layering. With layering you essentially pin down a branch of a shrub or tree to the soil and encourage it to form roots. The roots usually appear at a node (the spot on the branch where leaves form). Recently I transplanted a rooted viburnum that I was able to turn into 5 additional plants just by pinning down a couple low hanging branches with rocks.

Often you will see people recommend making a small wound on the branch below the node where you then apply rooting hormone. I haven't found that to be necessary but it might speed up the rooting process. Here in this video you can see the results of my layered viburnums that I did a couple years ago. I completely forgot about the layering and never came back to transplant them until now! They blended in completely with the mother plant.

Look here for more plant propagation information!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

An Update from Dave

Good morning gardeners! I wanted to write a post to update you on a few events going on in my life. I don't write much personal information on this blog. I always like to keep my writing very close to gardening, but I felt it was time to share an update with you. For the last 8 years I have been a stay at home dad. For 7 of those years I've been writing about gardening here in Growing The Home Garden. It's been a lot of fun to be able to be at home with my 4 children and explore gardening through their eyes. I love talking about vegetable gardening, plant propagation, and all the projects I've been able to do. I was even able to start a small business (Blue Shed Gardens) growing and selling vegetable and herb plants locally through a farmers market. That will all continue this year but I'm adding something to the mix.

My ultimate goal has always been the same: to own and run a family nursery/farm. That is still my dream but while working toward my dreams I have to be able to support my family. This year I entered an area that I have always had a lot of interest in: real estate. Real estate is very closely related to the home and garden industry. A career in real estate also has the added satisfaction of helping people with one of the most important financial decisions they can make for their family.

In Tennessee the real estate market is really growing. Through a combination of factors our small town, Spring Hill, is experiencing massive growth while other areas of the country are still having trouble. Our family loves living here and being a part of the community.  If you live in Tennessee or would like to and need someone to help you with real estate I would love to help you. You can find my real estate website at www.SpringHillTNHomesAndLand.com where I am working with Keller Williams Realty. As a side benefit you also get an experienced gardener who can answer all of your landscape questions!

My hope is that I can continue to help people both here on my blog with focused gardening content as well as in my community through real estate. This blog will not change in its focus. I definitely won't be selling homes here on this blog (but there may be a nice garden photo every now and then from homes I visit!) My postings may be at a slightly slower pace while I adjust my new schedule. Today I wanted to invite you to follow me on this adventure. If you have friends or family in need of real estate help you know you have someone you can trust.  

I really appreciate your continued reading of this blog. I have always enjoyed sharing my passion for gardening with you. Thank you for your continued support!


Twitter: Dave on Twitter

Friday, January 30, 2015

The New Southern Living Garden Book - Review!

Great garden books are an awesome resource for any gardener. They become a reference that gardeners can go back to over and a over again to fill in the blanks or come up with new ideas. The New Southern Living Garden Book is just that, a great resource book for southern gardeners. I was sent a copy for review recently and was very impressed with it.
Aff. Link to Amazon

The New Southern Living Garden Book touts 2,000 full color photos, 500 garden ideas, and 8,000 flowers, vegetables, trees, and other plants. That is a lot of gardening to fit inside one manual!

The photographs are beautiful. After years of the magazine I'm sure they had lots of great pictures to choose from!

What is most useful about this book is the encyclopedia of plants. In fact this section takes up most of the space in the book. Southern native plants, vegetables, heirloom, and other traditional plants grown in the south are included. Each plant entry includes the hardiness zone, sun requirements, water requirements, and a section of growing information.

For some of the plant entries for more common plants like tomatoes the growing information is fairly extensive and delves into site recommendations pests and diseases, fertilizing, and of course the most important part: harvesting!

It should be expected that the Grumpy Gardener's
favorite plant made it into the book!
The New Southern Living Garden Bookis not a book that specializes in any one garden area but rather gives new and old gardeners a ton of good general information about gardening in the south. It's a resource you can come back to again and again, year after year. Every gardener needs a few of these types of books!