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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Planning the Herb Garden

This post was originally written on December 9th, 2007 I'm bumping this post up to see if anyone has any suggestions.

When spring comes I plan to install a herb garden in the front yard which is sloped in toward the house. Since it is winter time and most outdoor tasks are finished it is a good time to plan ahead and figure out what to put in the herb garden. I want to put in a variety of herbs, both ornamental and functional. Rosemary is a must and is easily obtained for free (Thanks mom!). It's also a good perennial herb that works as a shrub. Basil is another one I have to put in the herb garden. Italian foods are an addiction for us. I want to have a couple different types of basil. There are some dark purplish colored basils that would look great mixed in with other rich foliage. Anyone have any suggestions for good ornamental and functional herbs?


  1. I grew purple basil, lemon basil and another one year in my veggie garden. The next year I had tons of volunteers as they self seeded. I did not know they would. I jsut let them go as I enjoy the fragrance and they help smother weeds. These basils can get quite big so be sure to leave lots of room.

    Also lemon verbena. Your daughter will love it. I have grown it in my garden for the past three years. It is hardy here (or at least has been) and comes back each year. Sort of a sub shrub like lavender and rosemary. You should try it.

    Are you going to do a knot garden for the herbs? I want a knot garden really badly, but I don't have anywhere to put it, nor do I have enough sun for herbs so that lets that out.

  2. A knot garden would be kind of interesting. I've seen pictures and thought about them but while I want this garden to look kind of formal I don't think I'll do a knot garden just yet. I've seen a small globe shaped basil that would be pretty interesting in a knot garden. Even one called a boxwood basil. I've got plenty of space for one. I may have to reconsider that idea. Hmmm...more to think about!

  3. Dave, Don't forget parsley! I also put a fennell bulb in my herb garden last summer. It was pretty, and I harvested some seed. I dry herbs and store in my refrigerator for winter use. Both of these have wintered well.(so far) My rosemary was great to have for christmas cooking!

    Tina, will have to research the knot garden, I'm not famalier with it.

  4. A knot garden is an English garden idea. According to Wikipedia it originated under the reign of Elizabeth I. It's a design concept where you arrange your plants so that they appear to be forming knots. Different textures and foliage colors create the contrasting lines. Imagine a Celtic knot made of plants. It takes a good deal of planning ahead of time. Thanks to Tina's suggestion I'm strongly considering this!

    Parsley sounds like a good idea Nina!

  5. Don't forget a pot of mint, coriander which I think you call cilantro, some sage and some tarragon.


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