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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Taking Flowers from the Dead

I saw this story online at the Tennessean Newspaper's website. Apparently a women was stealing decorations from grave sites and adding them to her landscape! How desperate must your landscape be to take fake flowers from the graves of the deceased then add them to your garden. The story also says that she took solar lights and benches. Maybe she was affected by the Seasonal Affected Disorder that Hanna over at This Garden is Illegal was talking about. Maybe she was just desperate for some color in her yard. Some community service in the graveyards she robbed would be a fitting sentence!

Here's the story:

Woman charged with stealing flowers from graves

1 comment :

  1. Maybe she thought she wasn't doing anyone any harm and needed them more. Who knows. Let us give her the benefit of doubt. She must love landscaping very much!

    Good thing we live in Tennessee-we can get out in the sun almost every single day so no SAD for me.


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