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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Excellent Project!

A couple days ago while surfing around on Blotanical I saw a blog post that intrigued me. I went to the site and found a whole illustrated tutorial on building a patio with a pergola. Karen over at Savannah Garden Diary put together this excellent post. She included in her post photos of the project from before, during and after construction. It's a very informative and well illustrated post!

Go take a look at Building Patio and Pergola!


  1. I enjoyed reading about the Savannah building project - not that I have any plans to build a thing in the foreseeable future. One can always hope though, right? It is information I can file away for another day.

  2. That was a nice read-and lots of work for her!

  3. Well, thank you very kindly, Dave.

  4. Well, thank you very kindly, Dave.

  5. Well, thank you very kindly, Dave.


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