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Friday, February 8, 2008

One Big Tree

I like this picture for both the tree and for the sky in the background. This is a tulip poplar tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) located in our newly discovered territory. It's a large tree and suffered some branch die back because of the drought of last summer. The branches were knocked down recently in one of our storms. The tulip poplar is Tennessee's state tree and is easily identified by the tulip shaped leaves and it's yellow-orange flowers. According to the Tennessee Government website the tulip poplar was adopted in 1947 and was chosen because it grows from one end of the state to the other. The other reason given was because the early settlers of Tennessee used the tulip poplar to build their homes, barns and other buildings. A pretty important tree in the founding of our state!

What is your state tree and how did your state decide on it?


  1. Louisiana's state tree is the Magnolia. Your tulip poplar is a great tree. We had a one in our back yard that we planted when we first moved in our house thirty years ago. Unfortunately, it went down in Hurricane Katrina. I sure miss that tree.

    Jan Always Growing

  2. the tulip poplar is a beautiful tree. but if you want to garden under it-forget it! it has white fibrous roots that suck the moisture completely out of the ground and reaches FOREVER for the good stuff (think garden soil). my neighbor has two that kill me with their roots! urrrr

    nice picture. it truly shows it is a HUGE tree.

  3. Lovely. Only the mildest parts of my province can have liriodendrons survive (not sure of spelling, getting late)

  4. Live Oak is the Georgia state tree!

    We have a large Tulip Popular in our front yard on the edge of the woods and creek bed. I find sprouts in the woods at times. When our neighbor finds them in his woods, he takes them out of the ground and pots them and passes them along to others. Tina, dont worry, I will not do you any favors on that one! LOL....

  5. What a nice shape for a tree !
    The picture is very striking .. tree line and sky line with that bit of blue .. VERY nice shot !
    PS I'm jealous of your garden zone ! LOL


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