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Monday, February 11, 2008

Vegetable Seeds for 2008

On Saturday I purchased most of the vegetable seeds that we plan on growing for this season. We are dividing seeds with my parents since neither of us need all the seeds this year. The raised beds still need to be assembled but the wood is in the garage just waiting to be used. We also bought some herb and flower seeds but I'll talk about them another time. So without further ado...here are our 2008 Vegetable picks!

We love tomatoes and wanted to have a good variety. We decided to try an heirloom tomato which is why we picked Brandywine. We still need to get some Roma tomato seed.
Beefmaster hybrid
Big Boy Hybrid

Supersweet 100
: one inch cherry type tomatoes


All Season Romaine Mix

German Giant: a crimson red globe shaped radish that is 1 1/2 inches around.

We wanted some peppers this year that had some color as well as some for seasoning salsa. We use the peppers on pizza, omelets, and salads.
Big Dipper hybrid: produces 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" four lobed green peppers.

Cardinal hybrid: produces 3" x 3" purple fruits that turn to red later in the season.
Long Thin Cayenne pepper: a 5" long hot pepper.


Poinsett 76: 8 1/2" long by 2 1/2" in diameter. Gotta have cucumbers for salad and cucumbers and onions!

Dixie Hybrid: for fried squash!

Jack O' Lantern: we saved some seed from our pumpkin last year but we wanted to be sure we ended up with a good pumpkin for carving.

Crimson Sweet: who doesn't love a good watermelon?

We like green onions for salads and garnishes which is why we chose the Evergreen Long White Bunching Onions. We also like red onions grilled in olive oil so we bought Red Burgundy Onions.

We are not quite done yet, we still need to pick up some Roma tomato and cabbage seed.


  1. that's alot of seeds. have fun planting. hopefully it will warm up so you can get those built.

  2. Sounds like the fixins for a yummy salad!

  3. Oh, you are making me hungry for summer veggies.

  4. I may be able to get to it this weekend. Even if it's on the cold side they need to get done soon. I can't wait to put something in them. I have some windows just waiting to be turned into a cold frame.


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