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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Great Site for Wildflowers

While searching for a picture to confirm the identity of my mysterious sedum I found a great wildflower website written by another Tennessean! It's called East Tennessee Wildflowers. The site is full of pictures and information and even has lesson plans for teachers who want to add a wildflower element to their classrooms. Kris, the author and photographer, is a teacher and a science outreach instructor for The American Museum of Science and Energy. I highly recommend taking a look around her site if you are interested in wildflowers!

I think I can confirm the identity of the sedum now as a Widow's Cross or Sedum pulchellum. Thank you Gail (Clay and Limestone) for your input!

In other Tennessee blog news Tina at In the Garden has moved from her previous address. I've updated the link on this site, stop by and say hi when you get the chance!


  1. Dave,

    Morning, you're welcome. Love the site you mentioned. Don't you want to pack up and head out with the family to The Smokies to see the wildflowers this spring.

    Did it rain all weekend? We are in St Louis and it looks like we have some heavy rain in TN...on the weather channel,ie.

    Have fun in the garden.


  2. Gail,

    I would love to head up there to see what's blooming! The Flame Azaleas are probably out and maybe many of the Trilliums. We got rained on pretty heavily. About an inch or so I think. I did manage to fill my beds up between the rains!

  3. That would appear to be a great resource for your area. I'm impressed by your To-Do List!

  4. that is an awesome website. i checked out the grackle and went on to the wildflowers. i have it bookmarked. thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the great site and also the link to Tina's new address. I need to study up on identifying the wildflowers, am sadly ignorant in that area. Good job!
    Frances at Faire Garden


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