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Monday, October 27, 2008

Garden Blogger Fall Color Project: From the Midwest!

Here are two more great fall color posts for the Garden Blogger fall Color Project. These two posts come to us from the mid-west specifically Chicago, Illinois and Iowa.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter in Chicago, Illinois is observing some really fantastic fall color. The red oaks are competing with the maples for an extraordinary autumn show. Usually the maples win hands down but as you can see in her photographs the oak is definitely holding its own. Then she brings us into the garden to show us the fall color on her dogwood, geraniums and several other plants. You definitely must visit her sweet home Chicago!

Who can compete with the flaming red color of the burning bush? It's most notable trait is peaking this time of the year over at Shady Gardener's Blog! The blazing burning bushes mixed with the golden yellow of a redbud filled with pods is a perfect picture for the fall season. Check in and see if you can identify the mystery plant with the purplish foliage!


  1. Thank you for hosting this wonderful project, and for the great summary of my post. It was very fun doing it & I'm enjoying seeing all the color all over the blogosphere.

  2. Dave, I had no idea you were going to such lengths with this project. What a wonderful idea and what a wonderful fellow you are! :-) Thanks!


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