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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Garden Blogger Fall Color Project: An Autumn Acre and a Saturday Road Trip

Jump on over to Our Little Acre to see the fall colors! Not my acre, Kylee's! She has viburnums, a gingko, sumacs, and many other plants that are showing some great fall foliage. The bald cypress and the beautyberry are two that I will have to add to our garden!

Don't forget to journey up to Kalamazoo, Michigan and the blog Through the Looking Glass where Jelly Fish Bay is traveling on a roadtrip in the search for fall colors.  Playing hookey to search for fall colors is definitely worth it (says the former teacher)!  You'll see the glowing sumacs and the vibrant colors of a northern fall.  The last stop by the river brings to great day trip to a close!


  1. Beautiful pics! We're finally getting fall color here. I took my first photo yesterday here in my rural neighborhood.


  2. Wonderful new color coming to other parts of the country. Thanks for the links. :)

  3. Thanks again for hosting this project, Dave. And of course, for the link love! :-)

  4. You have some stunning color going on in this site, Dave. Please feel free to visit 'my neck of the woods'. We woke to 'frost on the pumpkins' ... surely the leaves won't last long!

  5. Dave, be looking for a VA update from me at In the Garden this Monday. Not much in GA yet but sure was pretty last week in VA so I snapped and wrote for y'all...

  6. Beautiful pictures from beautiful country sides. Just more colors to enjoy. Thanks, Dave for starting this so the rest of us can enjoy.


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