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Monday, November 17, 2008

One Cold Morning...

Pictures Taken: November 10, 2008.

Red Maple 'October Glory' (Acer rubrum)


  1. Hi Dave, that is a lovely color on the aptly named tree. Most of our leaves have fallen but a few protected small maples are still showing off. BTW, your fall color project has been such a rousing success, congrats on that!


  2. Love that October Glory. Looks frosty.

  3. What lovely colors on those leaves. They do look droopy from the cold, but so cool!

  4. Dave,

    Cool out there wasn't it! We just escaped frost last night...it was chilly but the city is always warmer. We can't keep it up much longer and I think tonight we might get zapped! October Glory is beautiful, btw!
    Have a good day!


  5. What an aptly named tree! Glorious color!

  6. Beautiful colors on the maple! Our leaves are falling now and out come the mulchers...

  7. Beautiful reds. I think that is my favorite-or is it the yellows or maybe the oranges. Must throw in some browns. Oh for Pete's sake they are all beautiful.

  8. Red on plant foliage is always an eye-catcher!

  9. Our trees are all bare, and as we wait to see if we get rain or snow today, it's a treat to see your frosty, red leaves. :)


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