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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Purty Weeds Revisited

Even in winter gardeners in Tennessee need to keep up with the weeds.  Cool season weeds like chickweed and henbit can easily take over while you aren't watching your garden beds.  I actually like the look of henbit in the lawn but not in the garden beds.  If you have a warm winter day get out there and do a little weed management.  It can go a long way toward making your spring preparations much easier.  If you aren't vigilant you may end up with some Purty Weeds!


  1. Hi Dave, you are so right. The henbit is our problem, well the violets, but they go dormant in the winter. They need pulling today! I went back and read the linked purty weed post and laughed out loud at Jenny's comment! I bet she keeps you hoppin'!

  2. This is what I do all winter. Urgh!

  3. I dug out the wild onion the other day, just after a day of rain. Made it so much easier to weed. In winter, you can see the weeds with all the perennials napping away.


  4. I have some kind of weed that is about to take over. I don't know what it is. Must take a pic to see if someone know what it is. Weeds are abundant down here. Constantly having to get rid of them. That dollar weed is something else. Can't get rid of that mess.

  5. Thanks for the reminder Dave! Chickweed really loves my Woodland Garden at the moment. I better get busy. :)


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