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Monday, April 27, 2009

PPPP From Gail

Last year at a meeting of the Tennessee Garden Blogger Society (this does not officially exist but it seemed appropriate!) Gail brought some plant goodies to share. One of which was her Practically Perfect Pink Phlox. It's now officially made its presence known in our garden. Thanks Gail!


  1. You're so very welcome! I hope you enjoy her in your garden as much as I have...let her got to seed or collect it Dr Dave! PPPP thanks you for the link! Gail

  2. Looking good! I need to check and see if mine has bloomed yet.

  3. It really IS perfectly pink. :)

  4. A beautiful phlox! I've added a few more colors this spring (as long as I can keep the bunnies off of them -- they leave the 'Robert Poore' and 'Eva Cullum' alone, but they munched on 'David' within a day of being planted! They haven't found my new 'Nicky' yet).


  5. "Practically" perfect? What do you consider wholly perfect? ;~)

  6. Thanks again Gail!


    You'll have to ask Gail that one!

  7. A nice gift indeed. Now everytime it blooms you'll think of Gail. That's what gardening is all about!

  8. Yea for Gail and all you Tenn garden buddies. I remember your meeting. That phlox is very pretty.


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