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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Building a New Potting Bench

Building a new potting bench has been on my mind for at least a year. When we moved here I threw together a makeshift potting bench that cost me nothing in materials out of an old palette and some scrap lumber. It did well for what it was but I decided that this year I would upgrade. I used many of the old materials for my new potting bench minus the palette. The gaps between the slats were problematic and I really wanted something more efficient. It's not finished yet but most of the construction is complete. When finished the potting bench will have a removable top to access a dirt container, a shelf underneath, a sink built into the top surface, and a series of shelves for holding containers. Here's how its coming along after two work sessions.

The bench is kind of tilted at the moment because of the rocks underneath. I'll level it when I get a chance. There is a planting bed to the left of the bench and a dryer vent to the right which helped to determine the length of five feet for the potting bench. The width is around 30 inches deep as is the height. It's made from pressure treated lumber that I plan on staining with the leftover stain from the arbor project. I considered doing the 48 Hour Challenge with a potting bench but decided to do it on a project that didn't exist yet rather than one that I already had even if my old bench was looking rather sad. There is room in the front to either add cabinet doors or a nice curtain made from outdoor fabric. I would rather have doors but in a pinch curtains will do. A shelf to hold more pots is in the also in the long range plan.

Underneath the bench I've put together small platform for the soil container. This will get the soil container close enough to the potting bench surface to be accessible through the top. The platform is removable and retains a little spot for storing small things. Maybe all those 2" pots I keep collecting!

Here is the removable top surface made from decking. I still need to add a hinge and a handle for easy soil access.

On this side is where the sink will go. I'm trying something special with the surface area around the sink that I'll tell you about later - when I install the sink. I think my plan will be rather creative but it all depends on my execution!

I wouldn't mind incorporating a water proof drawer system for storing tools but that isn't in the immediate plans. I hope the sink will add some convenience for outdoor cooking as well as gardening. What elements would you put on your ultimate potting bench?


  1. Pretty soon you'll have your own tv show too! Congrats on your .com. Now that bench is perfect and will last you for a long time. It's going to make your back happy.

  2. Anna,

    A TV show? Hmmm. Nah I'm not sure any TV show could be better than Paul James's!

  3. Looks great Dave. The removable top is genius.

  4. Nice bench Dave. I would like to know where you bought the invisible shelf,haven't seen any in the stores!lol

  5. Great design Dave. How do you plan to keep the soil dry? Will you have a container that has a tight fitting lid?
    I use so much potting soil that I keep it in a large trash bin that has wheels, there fore I can move it when I need to. I really need to get my potting bench & soil container together. A good project for me. Hmmm

  6. Looks like you thought of everything, Dave! I love having a dedicated place to do that same thing. You'll love it!

  7. I had the same thought as Anna, you do need a TV show. Hey or at least some how to videos!!

  8. Love the plan. Mr Chiots has been wanting to build me one for quite a while. I'll show him your post.

  9. Can you please identify this plant http://www.flickr.com/photos/kartoos/3679292968/ . I bought this plant thinking its tomato...but the leaves look very different.

  10. Thanks for responding. I will keep watching it grow to a watermelon:). Currently, I have hooked it a support, do I need to take that out?

  11. Dave, That's a terrific bench. It's going to see a lot of garden action. gail


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