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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Little Girl Just Turned 4!

I hope you'll forgive this little divergence from the garden talk to brag on my oldest little girl. She just turned 4 today and here's how we spent our time after dinner:

Groovy Baby!
And now for the ice cream shots!


  1. What a pretty young lady! She really is daddy's princess, isn't she? sigh.... divergence like this I'll take any time :)

  2. Beautiful. It can't get any better than that.
    Happy Birthday dear 4 yr. old.

  3. Happy Birthday and what cute girls you have. What a fun way to celebrate :)

  4. Happy Birthday to her. Your children are beautiful and so nice of you to let them have some show time. You and your wife are very sweet parents.

  5. Way more important than gardening!!!

  6. She's an angel, Dave and Jenny, well they both are of course. My youngest grandson, LTB son of Semi also recently turned 4, so the age is quite familiar. It is a joyous one, enjoy! :-)

  7. Dear Dave
    Those sweeties are just too cute to leave out of a posting : )
    Happy Birthday little one !!!
    Have you ever dedicated a plant or small space to the girls ? Have I missed that ?

  8. What cuties! Congrats to the crumbcruncher on her birthday.

  9. Dave and Jenny, She's so adorably cute and four is a fantastic age. Your little one is just as adorable. Happy birthday! gail

  10. Aw...so shweet...so cute.

  11. Happy belated birthday to your daughter Dave. All of your young-uns are adorable! And one more thing, you and the Missus ain't too bad lookin either. ;~)

  12. Such happy & pretty little girls! :) Happy Birthday!

  13. Ahhh, birthday at Marble Slab! What could be better! Cute!

  14. I hope she shared the ice cream, as its almost as big as her!

  15. It looks like a wonderful birthday party~Your girls are beyond adorable and cute! gail


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