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Friday, August 21, 2009

We Rocked This Week!

Well the end of my rock posts has come...for now! Here's a quick summary of what we did this week with rocks. Feel free to take a look back if you missed anything. If you rocked this week tell me about it!

And so ends Rock Week in the garden!


  1. I have rock envy, actually, Dave. I need better rocks than the nondescript ones that emerge in the pasture, paths, lawn and garden on a regular basis. They aren't great for making walls and definitely are too round/not flat enough for paths. But that's okay, because I enjoyed being inspired by yours!

  2. I need to get some rocks because i am planning a small raised bed. Only three more weeks to do it!

  3. We bordered our small new fish pond with rocks today, and I love it! Will post pictures probably tomorrow.

    We have lots of rock left over, and will probably make stepping stones in the manner you did - thanks for all the tips!

  4. You rock! Your projects turned out great, I love the natural look rocks add to the garden.

  5. I need to build a nice rockery at the end of my garden.

    Anyone here got images for ideas?


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