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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Color is Coming!

The colors are on their way! This is just a quick post to remind everyone about the Fall Color Project. Everyone who blogs is welcome to join in and if you don't then maybe its time you did! Get out there and take those fall color photos when they are in their peak and show them off.

The leaves have started changing here in Tennessee. The earliest of the fall foliage begins with the sassafras trees and their ripe reds. This sassafras' mottled red foliage is just the tip of the iceberg and very soon the cherries, maples, crape myrtles, and all the other trees will be bursting with fall color. The abundant rain we've had should guarantee a great autumn color season!


  1. Dear Dave
    YES !!! there are streaks of colour (yes we spell it that way) hitting here in Kingston : ) I'll be waiting another week to start taking pictures though .. this is going to be really great to see !

  2. I know it's getting very close to real Fall but here it's way too hot yet. I will welcome the cooler weather.


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