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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Fence Garden

If you remember a couple months ago I spent some time working on a garden remodel for my parents. I had purchased a few plants as gifts for Mother's Day for my mom and decided that I would redo the garden along their backyard fence. The remodel mostly involved moving plants around, installing a stone block border, and mulching, lots of mulching.  Now that the end of September is here it is time for an update.You'll notice that the lamb's ear has filled in from small transplants to become a lush bushy groundcover.  In the distance is a bench area perfect for sitting on a hot summer day in the shade.

Closer to the deck the garden is just now beginning to grow together. The coneflower that was planted will grow larger next year but did manage to provide quite a few flowers in its first season. The monarda is spreading happily while the Russian sage and catmint (which migrated from my garden via cuttings) have thrived here in front of a dappled willow. The variegated liriope hasn't filled in as fast as I had hoped but it's growing fine and should fill the area in front of the Himalayan White Birch (Betula jacquemontii) eventually, maybe as soon as next spring.

I'm pretty pleased with the way this area turned out. There are a couple Bird's Nest Spruce shrubs that probably need to find different homes as they are just being buried by the accompanying perennials like the drummers in a middle school band. The perennials will eventually fill in the gaps as they grow and by late next spring this area should become a completely lush garden.


  1. It's coming along nicely Dave. Do they need any Susans! You are head gardener at two gardens! gail

  2. Not bad for the first season. Next year it will look even better - well done

  3. It's looking most nice Dave. That lamb's ear just shines.

  4. It looks fabulous! What a great son you are to do so much work and lovely work at that! I love lamb's ear. It's a treat to have in my yard.


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