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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Color Project: It's Not All About the Trees

Sometimes we trap ourselves into thinking one notion and stereotype things accordingly. We tend to think of fall color as a time of changing leaves, which it is, but often we leave out the perennials and shrubbery that provide us with color throughout the fall. Asters, fall crocus, and eupatorium seed heads grant us readers a different perspective from the leaves at The Deep Middle!

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  1. This gives me great ideas -- I was beginning to think there wouldn't be enough colour for a FCP post this year, but this is wonderful. :)

  2. Benjamin's garden is an inspiration, isn't it, Dave? More motivation to get more fall color in here next year! I have such gorgeous red in the front yard, but the back is all yellow and purple and lavender. I need more red! Thanks again for sponsoring this wonderful series.

  3. I am posting mine next week. On my way back from Nashville I could not believe how quickly all the trees had changed!


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