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Monday, October 26, 2009

Through the Trees

I took this picture over the weekend while the afternoon sun was beginning to descend. It was taken from the very back of our yard looking up toward the treetops of sassafras, dogwood, tulip poplar, and walnut. The fall colors are beginning their peak time and I know I'll be loading my camera card with many more pictures than I could possibly share with you. Of course maybe that's a good thing because you will see only the best!


  1. This is my favorite time of year! I love seeing all the colors change. We are going to my in-laws this weekend and the road to their house looks amazing this time of year. I always say I need to stop and take a picture, hopefully this time I remember!

  2. I love all the seasons, even w****R! Each one has its moments of beauty, nicely captured in your photo (with good use of the effect).

  3. Through the trees is the best way to see the autumn world! gail

  4. Great shot, Dave! And you have sassafras as well as dogwoods and tulip poplars? Boy, am I jealous!!!

  5. Drats! I meant to join the fall project but the season has snuck up on me! The rain on Saturday didn't help what was left either, the faithful oak still have alittle color, pretty photo.

  6. Cool shot Dave! I'm going to try to get out tomorrow to capture the fall color in my area. :)

  7. Oh how wonderful Dave. Your fall color project is even bigger and better than last year! I have been checking out the trees around here and we are so close to peaking too. Good deal on the greenhouse, it is really getting there! :-)

  8. That picture is so beautiful. Love it.


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