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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee?

Styrofoam Coffee Cups for Seed Planting 1-2010-1I certainly enjoy my coffee every morning (in fact you don’t want me not to!) but that’s not even close to what is inside these two cups. Can you guess to what purpose I’m reusing these two former fast food containers for? It’s not a hard guess and I suspect you already know exactly what I’m doing with them.

Rather than throw them a way why not use them for…

Starting Seeds! Of course!
   Styrofoam Coffee Cups for Seed Planting 1-2010-2

Styrofoam Coffee Cups for Seed Planting Dianthus 1-2010-1
Last week I put some seed starting mix inside these two vessels and sprinkled some dianthus seeds I’ve saved. They are supposed to be ‘Firewitch’ but as I found them through a seed exchange the true identity may be something else entirely or some cross-pollinated dianthus. Whatever the case I’ll really enjoy seeing these late spring bloomers come alive!

What was the most effective and most unusual seed starting container you have used?


  1. I have used milk jugs and paper egg cartons.

  2. *I had some picture issues so I republished this post.*


    I've used those two ideas also!

  3. probably egg cartons, oh, and the little pots I made by wrapping newspaper strips around a spice bottle. Worked really well actually.

    I am anxious to see how the firewitch does from seed. That is my fav dianthus! We had large patches of growing at the nursery for years. Everytime they bloomed we sold lots!

  4. I've used many things - tin cans, buckets from KFC, you name it. My favorite way to start tomatoes from seed is in an eggshell. They can planted right into the soil and the tomatoes love the extra calcium.

    I wrote about it here:



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