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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mulch Madness

You read it right! It's not March Madness - or maybe it is - but it's also MULCH MADNESS!

This morning I picked up 20 bags of mulch and fit in my Honda CRV. That's a yard and a half of mulch ready to go on the gardens. And at a $1.34 per bag it was quite a bargain!


  1. Dave you hit the jackpot on the mulch.It runs about 3.99 a bag around here. Now have fun spreading it all.;-)

  2. Mulching is much more fun than watching basketball.

  3. Good price. I mulch with pine straw. I was raking straw today. Imagine trying to pick up straw with a large dog between you and the straw and the rake. She thinks she's 'helping' and I indulge her. If I could harness all that energy into real help my garden chores would be done!

  4. I'm jealous! I can't wait to go get some mulch too. I use compost to mulch with and it's so expensive.

  5. I use to mulch with cut grass when I mowed. It worked wonders for my plants. Now since I can't mow I have to resort to cypress mulch. Wish there were a different kind around here.

  6. I love the madness much better!

  7. Where did you get the cheap mulch? We live in Nashville and would love the tip!

  8. I haven't put anything down yet except for around the mailbox garden but I'm looking forward to getting the mulch out there!


    It was at Home Depot over the weekend, I'm not sure the sale is still on or if they have much left. Just check the circulars as I'm sure similar deals will be popping up!


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