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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Patio Garden Blooming

Spring is officially here and it seems like the daffodils were waiting for the memo. They are in full bloom now and their yellow flowers are a bright and happy sign that the cold dreary days of an extra long and extra cold winter are behind us. Sure we'll have some cold days ahead, but those are little dips in the road compared to the vast valley of winter we crossed. One of the spots in my garden where I have daffodils is a small garden just above our patio. It's actually a raised bed made from retaining wall blocks and was part of the patio project two years ago (one of the first things we attempted to improve our former foreclosure lot.)

Inside this garden bed there are hyacinths (which are currently turning the patio into a very fragrant place to visit), daffodils, Muhlenbergia capillaris or Muhly Grass, a Japanese maple I was given for fathers day, some Ponytail Grass (aka Mexican Feather Grass or botanitcally Stipa tenuissima), a sedum, sage, some irises - white rebloomers (we'll have to wait for late April or May to see them), and hopefully some poppies. Everything has its own season and this garden should provide pretty good 3 seasons of interest.

Similar scenes are beginning to reveal themselves all over the yard - isn't spring the best time of year?


  1. Dear Dave ... that looks wonderful and reminds me of the spiral garden I really want to build this year ! .. My bulbs are just waking up with their greenery .. it will be some time before they flower BUT I know they will and that is keeping a smile on my face when I look at them : )

  2. What a cute garden area....yessir, Spring is a wonderful time of the year!

  3. Spring has to be my favorite time of year! The city and county clean up the roadsides, the hummers, butterflies, bees return, fresh air fills the house and all the sleeping plants are awakening…


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