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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Look at the Backyard

Here's a quick look at the backyard from our side yard area. Of course the ugly but necessary heat/AC unit sits on the right so please ignore that now that I've pointed it out and drawn your attention to it. ;)  On the left is a rain garden with a river birch and ornamental grasses. Caryopteris will form a blue border of shrubs along in the fall along the grass path. A snowball viburnum is on the right and if you look past it you will see another viburnum (arrowwood) and a few irises to the right. I'm a sucker for viburnums and if you were to walk just a little farther past Mr. Snowball you would see a 'Burkwood' viburnum and a 'Shasta' viburnum. The snowball viburnum is the least favorite of the viburnums in my garden - it doesn't produce berries to sustain the birds because it's sterile.


  1. Dear Dave .. I jumped the gun and "picked you" because I know I always enjoy your posts .. but ... for some reason the pictures aren't downloading here .. so I have to come back and comment when I SEE those pictures ? LOL

  2. Your backyard is filling up fast and boy are those trees growing!

  3. Dave, your yard looks so green and lush! I know we are all working very hard right now, but it's such a delight to see what we accomplish!


  4. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Perfect setting for the "propagating shed".


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