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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Perfect Pot of Pansies

The other day I took this photo of a pot my mom put together of pansies and violas. I'm not much of a potted plant person so most of my plants go in the ground but I thought this easy to put together arrangement of annuals was perfect. The larger pansies went in the center and were planted around with the smaller violas. What I like is how the large and small size flowers contrast. They have similar coloring which helps them blend and makes the cool colored flowers work together very well!

Do you have any interesting potting arrangements to share?


  1. That is a beautiful container Dave. Your Mom has the touch. The blues are so lovely together.

  2. Good job Mom! I love container plantings and have them sitting around my gardens.

  3. Looks great. I like the blue. It's very calming.
    I have several pots of combination plants.

  4. Definitely a perfect pot of pansies, Dave. I adore pansies, all colours, though the blue/purple plants are the bestest.

  5. They are perfect! Love that color, too. gail

  6. I really do like Pansies but they don't hold up here when the weather gets warm. I have a few containers that I will move to the north side of my garden and at least be able to keep them a little longer.


  7. Dear Dave : )
    That is one wonderful combination !
    I haven't seen it done before like that but wow : ) it is so pretty !
    I ran into mislabeld violas .. they were supposed to be "Black Jack" but they looked like BLUE Jack to me ? LOL

  8. I love the container and the pansies are really nice. I hate it when they go.

  9. These are one of the many plants that are great to have in your yard, especially in the pot themselves. Potted plants are some of the easiest plants to take care of. Just see for your self.

  10. Lovely Dave. I can see why you love this potting arrangement. I'm wondering how you're doing with all the rain. I've worried about my TN friends.~~Dee


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