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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Thoughts and the Week

Today I actually found myself in a home improvement store looking for paint for the garden shed. How I found myself or more importantly how I got lost there I'll never know but I ended up coming home with four gallons of paint. The colors will be revealed at a later date. They aren't groundbreakingly unique colors but I think they'll dress up the shed nicely. The colors had to blend with the house and the garden and hopefully they will make a nice blend.

New Roots:

I also found myself with a couple beautyberry bush cuttings ready to pot up as well as two more rosemary cuttings. New roots are always very exciting!


Today I canceled my mowing for the second time. The other day I was out mowing when a storm came through. When it was over the yard was less than 1/3 mowed and the grass was too wet to continue. It rained again today incoveniently and I never got back to it. Suffice it to say that my grass is tall, very tall but all children are accounted for!

If you missed something this week here it is!

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  1. Painting your garden shed will be a fun project. Hope you post a photo! :-) Have a fun weekend.


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