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Monday, June 21, 2010

Revisiting the Japanese Dappled Willow Sculpture

At the request of a reader (xRay) on the original creatively pruned Japanese dappled willow post I thought I would show you how it looks now. It needs some touching up, especially around the base and a few more branches need to be thinned around the canopy but the overall form is in tact and filling in nicely above the window area. You can see how it frames the garden behind it that still has Asiatic lilies in bloom. The great thing about pruning dappled willows is that you really don't have to worry about how much you prune and if you do make a mistake you can always cut it back to the trunk or coppice it (pruning to the base of the plant) and start it again. It's the classic do-over in plant form!

Don't forget that willows root easily in water and you can make enough to try these kinds of projects yourself! You might consider weaving trunks together, making a topiary, or even a willow fence - the possibilities are endless. Well maybe not endless per say but you catch my drift!


  1. Dear Dave !
    What a great idea : ) .. if I had more room I think I would be very tempted to try this out .. I love the fact that it is exactly that .. a "do over" plant .. now how much more could you ask of it ?
    Joy : )

  2. Dave, I keep thinking that I want to do this - and forgetting. I will write a note right now to take a couple of cuttings and then do a small bit of pruning. :-)

  3. It is still looking cool. Speaking of which, try to stay that way in all this heat.

  4. This is a great idea! I will probably make this come weekend and hopefully finish it.


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