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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Even More Deer!

It appears that our local deer population has undergone a small expansion with the addition of a new fawn.

Lately the deer have been keeping to the outskirts of the yard and haven't been bothering the vegetable garden or any of our plants. Many of the plants in the other gardens have scented foliage and are considered deer resistant. The mother and baby deer were in our side yard very close to our driveway. While these deer could be problematic I will just let nature take it's course. This does mean I'll need to protect our younger trees this fall as the buck will need somewhere to rub his antlers. I've seen the damage before and don't want any more tree casualties.

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  1. Lucky you that they haven't harmed your garden yet. I live on 30 acres and despite the fact that there is grass and water in the pasture, they seem to be especially fond of my veggie garden. It's just 2 small raised beds, but between them and the grasshoppers, I've lost about everything. Won't be getting any veggies this year. Oh, and they're not afraid of the dog. She's afraid of them. :) 2 different does have chased her back into the yard. My guess is she got to close to the babies. But I love watching them. And I think basically, they just think I'm that crazy lady that comes outside to fuss at them about being in the yard. Oh well. Love the pics. We've got babies everywhere.

  2. Love the pics. Hope they don't munch on anything they are not supposed to.

  3. Gorgeous pic of Mother & baby. Glad to hear they aren't devouring your garden. :)


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