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Monday, September 27, 2010

Over the Weekend

This weekend was a busy one and not even really in the garden. The garden chores that need attention are significant but sometimes I actually have to get out of the garden to do other things! Hard to believe but it's true! This weekend had me shopping for materials on Friday night until 9:00 at the local home improvement store followed by a closet organization remodel (with custom built shelves) in my daughters' room on Saturday. I do have to admit that the garden was not completely neglected, I did manage to buy two Camellia x 'Winter Snowman' plants while shopping for supplies! 'Winter Snowman' is a camellia that is a hybrid of Camellia sasanqua and Camellia oleifera. It's a cold tolerant camellia that is supposed to be hardy in zone 6 and flowers in November or December.

After a hard day of measuring, cutting, sanding, painting, screwing, and sweating I saw this sunset I had to share. It's an almost perfect picture except for the utility poles.

A September Sunset

Cooler weather began to creep in on Sunday with wind and temperatures in the lower 80's. The cool weather means that many of the neglected tasks of the hot summer can now be tackled or completed. I'm thinking of a certain garden shed in need of painting...

Now that fall is here what chores are you looking forward to doing in the garden?


  1. I still don't believe you sleep Dave. Beautiful sky photo! I have to get passed this wedding before I can really think about the garden chores...(I have been dreaming about the garden though, lol)

  2. that view is stunning!

    this week i'm hoping to cull out what is not doing well and plant the first crop of cold season greens. i'm going to try overwintering one or two beds this year so those will have things like broccoli, and maybe i'll even coax some pansies along for spring!

  3. Darla,

    I do sleep! After all it's too dark outside to garden at night. ;) I hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely!


    I just wish that picture could be seen from our front porch. We sit low on the other side of that hill and I had to drive up for the picture. I really need to help my veggies along but the deer have kind of been helping themselves. :(

  4. Dave,

    I think Autumn is possibly the busiest time in the garden for me.

    Cutting stuff back, pruning this and that, raking leaves, I said RAKING LEAVES... The Walnuts in the parking area drop a veritable carpet of leaves.


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