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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Salvia farinacea ('Blue Bedder')

I've said repeatedly that I'm a fan of salvias. It's no wonder since they bloom prolifically, are easy to care for, and attract pollinators right and left. One salvia in my garden (among many) that I've accumulated is the 'Blue Bedder' Salvia farinacea. It's not reliably hardy to my zone according to many sources. Typically they are hardy to a zone 7 but last winter was not very typical and still the Salvia farinacea came through the winter happily.

I propagated the original two plants from seed and have since added more in the garden through cuttings (different salvia but same method). Both methods work fine but I do tend to enjoy taking the cuttings a little bit more! 


  1. I did put in some Blue Hill Salvia in my front garden. I would like to try some more varieties that will grow in zone 5.

  2. I love the annual salvias too, especially those with strong blue or hot pink colour. We have a number of perennial salvias but none have that true-blue of, say, 'Black and Blue'. You remind me I must take cuttings before the cool weather comes back and we do get a frost.

  3. I have the Black & Blue & just re potted it hoping to revive it. I sure would hate to loose it. Maybe with the cooler temps it will come out. I love blue in the garden.


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