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Monday, November 29, 2010

What Would Thanksgiving Be Without The Nuts?

You know the story. Everyone travels to grandma's house for Thanksgiving. All the family gets together and stuffs their bellies full with turkey, ham, potatoes, numerous sides, and of course the stuffing (oh wait we call that dressing down here in the south ;)). And of course, you know it's true, every family has one or two, and sometimes many more...


Massive quantities of acorns!

Hickory nuts!

At Thanksgiving there are always some brilliant decorations like the coral berries which bear a striking resemblance to beautyberry.

Then there is pyracantha completely full of orange berries.

Hollies with bright red berries.

And the uniqueness of the Osage orange. Some brain fruit anyone?

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. Thanksgiving was great, thank you.

  2. Had a wonderful Thanksgving Dave, thanks for asking! :)

  3. It was very quiet~Just the two of us. Thank you for asking~gail

  4. Hi Dave. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here. So many nuts in your Thanksgiving. LOL! The berries are so beautiful for fall. I have never saw as many acorns and hickory nuts as we have here this Fall. I hope that doesn't mean fattening up the critters for a bad winter.

  5. Do you do anything with all those nuts?

  6. We picked up hickory nuts on our post-dinner walk and ate them. Pretty good actually.


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