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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Evergreen Am I?

A little more guessing fun on this first day of winter!

Do you know this evergreen tree with the black berries? I'll give you a hint - I've written about it before! 
No links - that would be too easy! No rhymes either - that would be too cheesy! Oops...

Yesterday's post "What Seeds are We?" were the  seeds of the Tulip poplar - the state tree of Tennessee!

Thanks for guessing Randy and Tina - you both got it right!


  1. Well gosh I should know it but so totally don't:(

    Saw the kids on FB. Can't comment as they are always posted under Jenny's profile but they are darling! Growing fast too!

    1. I have a tree like this growing in my back yard, I think it's a Bay Laurel?

  2. I have no idea...

    Merry Christmas....

  3. Not something that grows here, so I'm going to draw a blank, unless it's one of the Ilex species with black-blue berries. (they don't grow here, alas).

    Whatever it is, Happy Christmas to you and your family, Dave, especially the newest member!

  4. No clue, it does look pretty though!


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