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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Lion in My Garden

The Lion stalks through the underbrush. In search of his prey...

He stops to inspect his surroundings, ...

ever aware, ever watchful... 

he quickly and stealthily crosses the open spaces for cover, still on the hunt...

close now to his prey, he stalks again behind the cover of the underbrush...

and fertilizes!


  1. He is huge! I think he woke me up yowling in the middle of the night on Sunday. I'm not sure whose cat he is or even if he belongs to anyone. I suspect he's feral.

  2. Watch out for the children! That is a HUGE cat, he is very pretty though.

  3. What a beautiful kitty!!! So big and fluffy!

  4. A huge 'lion' for sure! Did you get a new one?

  5. Oops! Just saw your comment. I bet he needs a good home with you guys!

  6. Could use a "lion" around here, so many mice here. This was an open farm field before I developed it so the mice think they belong here. The hawks help me control them so to the American Eagles. Can not have a cat so I work with what I have. Jack

  7. Cute "lion" indeed. A big one that appears to have been fixed. Do be careful tho.


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