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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Witch Hazel Blooming

The other day I mentioned that the Winter Jasmine would be the first thing to bloom...

I was wrong! It's the Witch hazel!

It's the first time it has bloomed in our garden. So what's blooming in your February Garden?


  1. Oh man! I really need to get a Garden Witch!!

  2. What is blooming in my winter garden???? Icicles !!!
    I just found your blog so I don't know where you garden, it is definitely south of where I garden. Maybe in March the Witch Hazel will bloom. Right now we have nothing but snow and ice and subzero temps.
    Lucky you.

  3. Awesome! Does it smell good? Mine aren't even close to blooming and I don't know why:(

  4. Darla - It's pretty neat. I have two that I got free from a spring garden fair two years ago. This is the first year either of them has bloomed.

    Alice - I'm glad you stopped by to comment! We're in Tennessee. No icicles here today but they are calling for it tomorrow. 2 Inches of snow coming soon...I'm way ready for spring!

    Tina - I wish I could smell anything. I'm still slightly congested from a cold we've been dealing with as a family for about a month. That's the problem with 5 in the fam - we share the cold and it just lasts longer!

  5. Nothing is blooming here! Except for snow.

  6. I kind of doubt mine's blooming, but it's hard to tell right now. It's buried under a 3-foot snow drift!


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