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Monday, March 28, 2011

Soggy, Wet Days are Good for Something!

The days have once again become cold and wet. The beautiful spring like days we had in early March have been replaced (temporarily) with winter like cold and drizzle - ugh. It's definitely disappointing for the gardener but spring is right around the corner. I can't wait to see the sun but the wet and soggy days are ideal for one thing - planting seeds of cool weather vegetables! I planted several cool season vegetables yesterday that hopefully we'll be enjoying this spring on our dinner plates.

Cool Season Vegetables I Planted this Weekend:

  • Beets ('Tall Top early Wonder'
  • Radish ('German Giant' and 'Sparkler')
  • Pak Choi ('Green Fortune' from Renee's Seeds)
  • Arugula
  • Carrot ('Cosmic Purple')

My lettuce and spinach are already started in the circular raised bed.

While outdoors I scatter sowed some California poppies and Columbine. We'll see what happens!


  1. You did good getting some seeds planted. My garden is currently covered with snow! Brrr. I've had good luck just scattering California poppies. Never know where they'll come up year to year as they self seed.

  2. It is disappointing for me too. We are on our spring break this week; I had visions of doing so much outside. Oh, well. The great thing is how amazingly green everything is and the fact that in spite of the cool temps my world no longer looks like an Andrew Wyeth painting. :) Rain was needed here.

  3. Congratulations. Glad to hear you made some progress toward spring. Unfortunately for us, it snowed again yesterday, and they are calling for more this week. :-(

    I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass, and I'll be in my garden before very much longer.

  4. Rain is good for sure. It got so dry last week so bring it on. I'm not looking for anymore droughts that's for sure. Glad you got your cool vegetables started.


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