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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Place of Serenity

At my parent's house there is a small garden location where the contemplative gardener can go to relax. Nestled between the cherry trees the garden bench that my dad and I built for my mom several years ago. What I thought made this scene so special was the fallen cherry blossom petals from the nearby Kwanzan cherry tree.

Statue of a girl picking flowers surrounded by cherry blossom petals.


  1. How very nice. The statue fits perfectly. That is a lovely place to sit & relax.

  2. That really is a pretty spot. I love how the cherry tree petals snow down.

  3. I like the antique and garden space.The antique add elegance to garden.Garden is really a place to feel serenity and leisure.

  4. A lovely place. I really like the curves for the sitting area.

  5. I can feel the peace emanating from that lovely spot. Wish I had time to sit a spell. Too much to do... busy busy.

  6. I have a Kwanzaan that I love! This year mine didn't last very long though.

  7. My parents have a similar setup in their backyard. I love it!


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