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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sounds of the Cicadas

In case you happen to not be in cicada territory and don't have the joy of listening to their "soothing music" here's a video of our backyard with our local cicadas from brood 2011 blaring in the background. The sound in the trees is deafening and after 45 minutes of being outside your head begins to throb. Turn up your computer's volume to get as much of the effect as possible or to creep out your co-workers! It's not the same as being here, but you'll get the idea!

And here's a close-up picture of the cicadas if you can't get enough of these noisy insects!


  1. From what we have read we will not be experiencing the cicadas here. This was plenty loud enough for me!

  2. We're currently living in East Tn but I grew up in Middle Tn and I do remember that sound and I'm not missing it one bit.

  3. We had our round of 17 yr cicada's a couple of years ago, but my mom lives close to you and she says she needs ear plugs when she goes outside! Ha ha!

  4. Wonder how many ear plugs are sold at this time. It sure was loud enough for me. I remember the sound from when I was a kid living in W. Tn.


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