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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cilantro Seeds Ready to Sow

It's that time of the year again! Time for cilantro seeds! Cilantro is one of those herbs not every enjoys but if you do always want to have some around. Unfortunately it bolts when the weather turns hot and doesn't want to come back until fall.  I let our cilantro bolt (go to seed) every year so that the seeds will sow themselves and begin the cycle of cilantro all over again. I just take the cilantro seeds and sprinkle them in areas where I want the cilantro to come up in the fall then let Mother Nature take her course! In the fall they germinate and we have fresh cilantro through the winter and spring. Herbs are so easy, don't you think?

Look here for another cilantro post and my recipe for guacamole!


  1. I didn't know that cilantro would grow there in the winter. That is great.

  2. I had a cilantro make it thru the winter here in KY this year and it was the best looking, fullest cilantro I have ever had! My spring cilantro is in full flower right now. I may let the seeds drop for a fall planting!

  3. Have never grown cilantro...love your nifty trellis' in the previous post.


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