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Friday, September 16, 2011

Guest Post From My Son

 Hi there!  I'm taking over dad's blog today and giving you a bit of a tour of the garden. Or at least of the things I like about the garden! I'm not quite sure what he's trying to do out there.  He digs a lot, sticks funny plants in the ground, and dumps water out everywhere.  But I get to watch and be outdoors which is pretty cool.  

Looking around you can see all sorts of stuff like trees, vegetables, and these odd plants dad keeps pulling up. He sticks some plants in the ground then pulls others up, I'm just confused.  He calls them "weeds."

Of course there are all kinds of nifty toys to play with. Like this water sprinkler. Dad was using it to water the grass seed we put out but I have another idea...

 Now if I could just figure out how to turn this thing on... 

It would be the perfect surprise for my sisters...

 Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

 Let's head back to one of dad's favorite places!

  His shed! He built it with his dad.

Let's peek through the windows and see what's inside. Well doesn't work, I'm not tall enough yet.

Let's try the door then...locked.  No luck there.  Boy does he need to get these doors painted!

Well why don't we just sit back and hang out in the nice weather!

Well that's it from me for now. I'm worn out, especially after skipping my nap. I hope you have a great weekend.  Oh and dad wanted me to mention the Fall Color Project coming up.  I was way too young to remember the colors last year so I'm looking forward to this fall.  I've heard someone mention playing in the leaves...


  1. Too cute, Dave. Well done!

  2. Love it. Watch out you may loose your position as author.

  3. Sweet post, Dave. I love it. He's so cute.

  4. It is always good to get another perspective of your garden.


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