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Friday, January 27, 2012

First Daffodil Blooms of 2012!

The first daffodil blooms of 2012 are now on display in my garden!  Every year I like to track the first daffodil of the season.  It amazing how much each year can differ.  The warmer the weather the earlier the flowers appear.  We're almost a month earlier than last year's daffodil blooms!

Here's a look back at the dates and posts for the daffodils of the past several years!

First Daffodils from 2009-2011
(Spring Hill, TN):

As you can see this is the earliest the daffodils have bloomed in my garden yet.  It's been an extremely warm winter so far which is obviously the reason for the early blooms!

Are there any daffodils blooming in your garden?


  1. Yes, Since January 2! A good month and a half earlier than ever.

    1. Since the second? Wow that's early! I guess our frost pocket held us off for a few more weeks or you must have earlier blooming varieties than we do.

  2. Yes & they're the ones that usually bloom end of Feb. Ice Follies, usually bloom 1st not blooming any time soon.

  3. My February Gold Daffs are blooming too!

  4. Dave,
    Been seeing daffs around here for weeks. In our garden we have buds, no daffodils yet. Three types of crocus in bloom a record here for January for sure.

  5. I will have to look back in my posts to see when my earliest daffodils bloomed. We have had a warm winter even in the Chicago area. It makes me feel good to see that spring is really coming.


  6. Wow, so early! I don't have any daffodils blooming yet, but my crocus is in bloom. I had a couple early February blooming daffodils last year, but for some reason they've disappeared or else they would probably be about to bloom with this warm weather we've been having!

  7. Mine have popped up out of the ground here in Arkansas but they haven't bloomed yet.

  8. They're up all over the place! Aren't they beautiful. gail

  9. Beautiful and intensive colour, just what is needed after winter! We'll have to wait till April to see daffodils here in Northernmost Europe but it's only 12 weeks away...

    Do you fertilize your daffodils or other bulbs?

  10. It's been an extremely warm winter so far which is obviously the reason for the early blooms.This is nice and interesting garden shared on the site so that can be enjoy it in this garden.


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