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Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Thing I Miss About the Growing Season!

While the snow has just started here in Spring Hill, TN I'm thinking about the nice warm days of our growing season and all the neat stuff we get to experience as gardeners growing in the south.  I'll add to this list every few days with a new thing that I miss about the growing season.  Please share in the comments some of what you miss and we'll commiserate together!

What do I miss about the growing season? Plump juicy sweet, wholesome garden fresh tomatoes!  Ah the store bought, shipped from somewhere else, and nearly tasteless tomatoes just can't compare to the just picked from the vine variety!

Woodle Orange Tomato

Do you miss fresh garden tomatoes too?


  1. I miss fresh tomatoes too, though we were pretty lucky to get fresh 'maters well into November. Our new summer treat is tomato pie. yuuuuummm

  2. I'm with you. I miss fresh summer salads, cooking fresh veggies out on the grill, and hanging out back with a refreshing adult beverage


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