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Monday, October 15, 2012

Flowering in Fall

Fall is well known for its colorful foliage that paints the country each year but there's still lots to appreciate among the flowering plants!  Here's a few of our current blooming flowers from the garden.  Some don't have much longer to go until the frost declares an end to the show.

The 'Clara Curtis' mums put on a spectacular show by our front walkway each year.  They get a little large and spread via rhizomes so make sure you have space for them before you plant.  These are one of the last blooms in our garden to show off every year. Sure makes for a good finish!

The 'Sheffield Pink' mums look so similar to the 'Clara Curtis' that the only reason I know the difference is because I know where I planted them!

Gaillardia or Blanket Flower is a great repeat bloomer that keeps going thorough out the summer and well into the fall.  If I dead headed it there would be more blooms but I have some seed collecting plans ahead.

The reblooming white iris is putting on some more flowers.  If you like irises you need a few reblooming irises to enjoy all summer!

'Green Envy' zinnias are in the front garden.  I got the seed from Renee's Garden this spring. I think they could have used a location with a little more sun which may have brought out the green coloration better.

I planted these coleus plants from seed and now I'm letting it go to seed.  Within a week I'll collect what I can from them to replant next year.  The leaves on these plants were huge - 6"-8" in some cases - probably due to the compost rich soil I planted them in.

The Fall Colors beginning to turn along the back property line.  It's mostly sassafras trees but the maples are also beginning their seasonal changes.  I hope you'll join us for the Fall Color Project 2012 to share your best fall foliage!

For more October bloom go visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens for Bloomsday!


  1. I love your Gaillardia. How much sun does it need? I'm in a wooded area, so I have to stay away from full sun plants.

  2. Is there a difference btwn the mums? I have one of them but the friend who passed them along to me didn't know the name.

    1. They pretty much behave the same and look the same. I'm not real sure what the difference is. Sometimes plants can be the same but are released under different names. I wonder if that's the case here?


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