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Monday, December 10, 2012

Indoor Hanging Wall Planter Garden

I finally managed to get my Indoor Hanging Wall Planter Project up on the wall!  I ran out of screws so I'll have to run to the store to pick up a couple more and make sure it stays up securely.  It's fine for now but I definitely need those screws attached before adding pots and soil for plants.  I picked several seed packets with different varieties of basil as well as one packet of lavender seed to plant.

The LED light rope does a good job of creating ambient light around the wall planter but does make enough to serve as an actual plant light.  Since it's energy efficient it will make a good light in the evenings when it gets dark to help find our way through the room.  Our bonus room can be a minefield of children's toys that can invoke dire consequences to the barefoot parent!

The whole project cost less than $100 to put together which was provided by Lowe's Creative Ideas!

 Once I have some little plants growing I'll let you have another peek!

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