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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Feedin' the Birds!

Want to do something nice for the birds?  Feed them!  Here's an easy way to do it!
  1. Get a grapefruit (any suitable citrus will work).
  2. Cut it in half.
  3. Eat the grapefruit. (Important step)
  4. Fill grapefruit halves with bird seed.
  5. Set grapefruit halves on a deck rail
  6. Enjoy watching the birds!

Piece of cake - or rather a piece of fruit!


  1. That wouldn't make it a minute in my yard! The squirrels would knock it down and devour it! I'm even having trouble with "squirrel proof" bird feeders. And, (I hate mentioning this because I'm still having PTSD symptoms) but we had a rat in our house last year and the pest guy says every house with "critters" feeds birds. I tried going without my feeders last spring, but they're back up b/c I missed my feathered friends!

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