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Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Make an Indoor Decorative Herb Planter Out of a Birdfeeder

The cold temps are keeping you indoors and you are going stir crazy.  You need to do something in the garden, with the garden, or for the garden and the seed catalogs showing up in your mailbox just aren't good enough to get your gardening fix.  Then do this - plant an indoor garden!  Recently I put together a small herb garden that I made from a decorative bird feeder I found at Lowe's.  All materials for this herb planter project were supplied by Lowe's Creative Ideas. Read on to see how I made this decorative herb planter out of a bird feeder!

First I gathered my materials for the project which consisted of the bird feeder, sheet moss, two plastic water cups, LED puck lights, soil, and of course some seeds (basil and chives).  Unfortunately my local Lowe's did not have seeds available yet but I had more than enough seed saved for this project (and probably 1000 or so more similar projects, I'm a seed addict you know.)

The plastic bottles were just laying around the house.  I had trouble locating actual pots that were the right size to fit inside the bird feeder planter so I just cut the bottles to make them into little plastic pots.

Then I added an organic potting soil into the "pots" with a little bit of sand to improve drainage.  Try to find something to put underneath the pots to catch water so you can put drainage holes in the pots.

After seeding the pots with basil and chives came the time to put the pots in the bird feeder.

I used the sheet moss to hide the fancy plastic bottle cups.  I carefully packed it in and around each side.  If I happen to spill water while watering the herbs it should absorb it and prevent any major messes from happening.

Here's how it appears from the outside.  It almost looks as if a bird made a nest inside the bird feeder.

Next I tucked the batter operated puck lights into the bird feeder lid.  They came with two side sticky adhesive tape things. If I were to do this over I would get the puck lights that you plug in the wall.  That would make it much easier to turn the lights on and off.  The lights may add a little light for the plants but are mostly decorative.

Last I put the top back on and found a place to put it.  The seeds should germinate in a few days and maybe within a couple weeks be usable herbs for the kitchen. The herbs won't be able to stay in the little post forever but can be transplanted and replanted as the temperature outdoors warms up this spring.  This would make a nice gift for a gardener or a chef don't you think?

What are you doing to get your gardening fix during the winter months?

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