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Edible Garden Consulting

I'm a gardener. I think like a gardener and as a homeowner which means I think about the bottom line and how everything fits into a garden in a sustainable way. I'm also an enthusiastic proponent of edible gardens whether they are fruit, vegetable, herbal, or a combination of all of the above.

I believe in encouraging homeowners to take ownership of the food system to grow sustainable agriculture in their backyards, front yards, or anywhere in between. Edible landscaping can be a beautiful thing that fits into our communities and into the landscape rather than something that has to be shifted to the back corner of the lot.

If you would like me to consult with your organization or company on edible garden projects please feel free to contact me at thehomegarden@gmail.com. Leave your contact information and tell me a little about the project you are considering and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.  I'm located in Middle TN and can only accept consultations in our area (however if you insist and are willing to cover travel expenses - exceptions can be made.)  I would love to work with a group who wants to encourage homeowners and subdivision builders to incorporate sustainable food systems into their properties!

Dave Townsend